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Official ITIL 4 Foundation exam voucher & Core Guidance eBook - from $360

Is this the official ITIL 4 Foundation Exam?

YES! The exam vouchers that we sell are issued by Peoplecert, who are the only official provider for ITIL exams. You will be provided with a voucher that is redeemed when you book your session time and date on Peoplecert’s website.

Is this the latest ITIL 4 Foundation Exam?

ITIL 4 is the latest version of ITIL
By achieving an ITIL 4 Foundation certification, you will gain an understanding of IT service management through an end-to-end operating model for the creation, delivery and continual improvement of tech-enabled products and services, increase your potential salary and open opportunities for your future career.

Do I have to take an ITIL 4 Foundation Course?

NO! You can self-study before sitting the exam. There are lots of online resources and books available that will help you to understand the content of the ITIL 4 Foundation syllabus. You should make sure that whichever ITIL 4 preparation materials you use, they are licensed or fully accredited. This is your mark of quality and a gives an assurance that the information is correct, relevant and up to date.

Our recommendation for ITIL 4 exam preparation is the eBook: “ITIL® 4 Essentials: Your essential guide for the ITIL 4 Foundation exam and beyond.”

Where can I take the ITIL 4 Foundation Exam?

Self-study ITIL 4 exam candidates can take the exams at a Prometric testing centre, or write the exam online with a web proctored exam session. This site sells online exams. These can be taken from the comfort of your own home, at a time and date that suits you*. We offer cheap, online ITIL 4 Foundation exams as these are the easiest way to get ITIL 4 certified.

The exams are delivered by Peoplecert and on completion of your purchase we will provide you with a voucher that you can redeem when scheduling your session.

*Subject to availability on the Peoplecert booking system

How many questions are on the ITIL v4 exam?

There are a total of 40 questions and the time limit is 60 minutes. You must score at least 65 percent, answering 26 questions correctly to earn your ITIL 4 Foundation certificate

How Can I Prepare for the ITIL 4 Foundation Exam?

You can prepare by taking an accredited training course, or using self study materials. You can check your knowledge by taking the sample exam that is available here

What happens if I fail the ITIL 4 Foundation exam?

If you have purchased a standard exam voucher, you will have to pay again for another attempt. If you have purchased the exam voucher with a “Take2” free retake option, then your resit attempt is free.

Exams Explained

Once you have purchased your ITIL 4 Exam voucher, you have 6 months to schedule your exam before the voucher expires.

What are Online ITIL 4 Exams?

This is a flexible way to take your ITIL 4 Foundation exam. Your exam is provided by Peoplecert, who is the official Exam Institute for all ITIL exams. They will deliver your exam session online – at a time and date that suits you. Exam sessions take place 24/7/365, subject to availability. You can take the exam from your home or office, or any other location, as long as you have a quiet area, where you won’t be interrupted.

Are Online Exams the Same as Classroom / Test Centre Exams?

YES! It’s the exact same exam, using the same question sets as classroom or test centre exams. You’ll receive the same certificate on passing as candidates who have taken the exam in different formats. The type of exam you wrote is not mentioned on the certificate you receive, and it has exactly the same value to future employers wherever you took the exam.

What should I expect in my exam session?

You will see the exam questions and the possible answers on screen – and you will click to select your answer and progress to the next question. You can miss a question, or go back to review or change any of your answers if you need to, within the allotted time.

How Do I Schedule My Exam?

Once you have purchased your exam, you will receive your voucher and instructions on how to book your session. You will schedule your exam on Peoplecert’s website.
You can select your time zone, book an available slot and confirm your preferred exam language when booking your session.
The ITIL 4 Foundation examinations are currently available in the following languages:
  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Spanish
If you are taking the exam in a second language, you will be able to request additional time, increasing your exam session by 15 minutes.

When Can I Take My ITIL 4 Exam?

You are able to take your exam 24/7/365 (subject to availability). At the selected date and time you will log in to the exam system and begin your exam online. This will be remotely proctored by a real person via your webcam.

Can I change the date of my ITIL 4 Exam?

If you need to reschedule your exam, you can do so as long as you provide at least 48 hours’ notice before the exam. If you fail to attend your exam or don't provide 48 hours’ notice you will forfeit your exam voucher and be required to pay again to take the exam.

How does the Free Resit work?

The “Take 2” resit option is an add-on service that becomes available only when the initial exam linked to it has a failed result. This is not transferable, is non-refundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit, even if it isn’t eventually used. You must schedule and take the re-sit exam within 6 months from the date of your initial exam. The resit option is exam-specific; it cannot be used for any other offering and is valid only for the exam originally purchased. Failing to show up for a Take2 exam appointment or not rescheduling the appointment prior to their scheduled appointment forfeits your ability to use the second voucher. This Take2 option is not available for purchase after a failed exam.

What do I need for an ITIL 4 Exam?

To take your web based exam, you will need a computer with a webcam, a microphone and a reliable internet connection.

It is important that you have administrator rights to install the software that will be used to monitor the exam session. We advise that you install and test it AT LEAST an hour before your exam

You will also need photo identification (passport, government ID or equivalent).

The latest (Feb 2021) Peoplecert technical specification is:

Windows® 10 (Windows 10S is not supported), Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8
Internet Explorer version 10 or greater
Dual-core 2.4GHz CPU or faster with 2GB of RAM (recommended)
Active Full-Time/Broadband internet connection of of at least 4Mbps
16-bit monitor (at least 15”) with screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher
Speakers and microphone (the use of headsets is only allowed during onboarding)
Keyboard and mouse or another pointing device (keyboard set to English characters)
A single web camera (embedded or external – no mobile phone) you can rotate
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